A message from the CEO

You want to change the world (probably), or even simpler, you want to solve an immediate problem (or not). The point is, you are here because you are doing something and are looking for a way to tell its story better (no pressure if not)

So, here’s the thing, we exist at a time when attention is the most expensive commodity. The familiar story is that all you need is eight seconds out of each person’s attention and for a world of 7.98 billion people, the math seems attractive. However, we propose a different story, can you hold a single person’s attention for 7.98 billion seconds? Probably, not until we crack life expectancy anyway.

We believe that every conversation matters.

Okay let’s try something simpler, can your story last beyond 8 seconds? If you are here, you probably want it to. It starts by creating meaningful engagements. In the evolution of automated engagements, we have created a system that ranks worth based on who has the highest number of eyes on them. For a small business, the numbers may not be as much. So in a world where your worth is defined by eight seconds, how do you compete? Well, you probably do not.

Instead, we offer a different means of telling your story, creating a social chain based on meaningful engagement while still considering the volume. You see, we believe that every conversation matters. Every story matters. Our offer is simple, we ensure your customers see, hear, feel, and live this story. It’s simple really, in a world of 7.98 billion people, we help you make them understand that in that moment, the only view that matters is theirs.

Through meaningful conversations, we are here to help you tell a story that lives beyond just eight seconds in the social space, a conversation that moves to a deeper connection from the comfort of your client’s inbox. A conversation that matters.

Akinyi Awora, CEO.